Good Company

by Orijin

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Good Company is a celebratory anthem of friendship and community. Accompanied by cheerfully nostalgic and energizing production by Adam Pondang, Orijin invites listeners into a joyful appreciation of relationships built on compassion, trust, and authentic connection.


Verse 1:
I’m feelin filled up with a real love
The kind that never tears down but it builds up
Always got the perfect words to make me feel good
And if I’m trippin ain’t afraid to be like “chill bruh!”
With a humble attitude, never judging, never shrugging
You could holler at a dude, never water down the truth
Help each other to improve, level up and get to running
When you’re going for your goals, I can toss an alleyoop
Look, we could laugh it up or we could keep it real
Better together than Shaq and Kobe or Key and Peele
And when you’re free to chill, you know you could ride along
We was never meant to do this life alone

If you’re looking for a seat, I got a space for ya
Even if we don’t agree, I got some grace for ya
When you need me, I’m a listen, I’ma pray for ya
But there’s only one thing I gotta say to ya

I need your company
I need your good company

Verse 2:
I don’t know your name, we ain’t never had no intro
Never been acquainted but I could tell you this though
Pumping through our veins is the stuff that make us kinfolk
And we’re only strangers until we find a in-road
Where you tryin’ to go? I bet if we headed the same way
That our collective effort could leverage the campaign
Wherever there’s a Will, there’s a Carlton
Hobbes need Calvin, the Bat needs Robin
We all need sharpenin’, and somewhere to lean
People you could rock with, present when you need
Freedom to be honest, remedy for greed
I promise you dawg, life’s better with a team, ooh Lord

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

I see you excluded, Longing to get rooted
Life is heavy, we need a spotter to press through it
I need you to support; A party of two or more
Makes best music so everybody could step to it

To my day ones who got history and trust
To the neighbour next to me on the bus
Let's make the world more just and robust
‘Cause guess what, there is no me without us



released September 21, 2018
Written and performed by Jordan "Orijin" Heywood.
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Adam Pondang.




Orijin Toronto, Ontario

Toronto-based Hip-Hop artist with a uniquely soulful sound and lyrical themes of peace, hope, and community.

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