Bread Crumbs

by Orijin

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A hearty combination of vibrant beats and honest, sharply-crafted lyricism. Come along for the journey.


released July 30, 2013

Written and performed by Jordan Heywood
Additional vocals by Ashley Blackwood (Track 6)
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Rodney-Hall
Recorded By Luke Fountain
Album art and design by Art of Ciel




Orijin Toronto, Ontario

Toronto-based Hip-Hop artist with a uniquely soulful sound and lyrical themes of peace, hope, and community.

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Track Name: Show Me the Way
Lord, show me the way... (x2)

Another chapter begins. Check the opening scene/ A young rapper equipped with his hope and a dream/ Til I'm summoned back to the King, if you know what I mean/ You'll see love, passion, and wit overflow from the seams/ When I flow and I sing, homie, the goal is to bring Truth with a capitalized T/ Filter through it all that my fallible eyes see/ I'm acting as a catalyst – gather and guide sheep to the path of divine peace/ Trynna practice what I preach, put my words into flesh/ Though I'm lackin' relief from the hurt and the stress/ Passionately, I'ma serve to the death/ The last to retreat and the first to progress/ These verses direct from the heart of a writer/ Who God from the start had marked like a sniper/ For walkin' the narrow path/ While spittin' God-given raw wisdom chalked into paragraphs.

Lord, forgive me for the times I go astray/ I ain't nothin' but a lost child trynna find his way/ Every day is but a step, then it's on to the next one/ Following in faith down this trail of breadcrumbs/ A grain of truth, a taste of redemption/ Sprinkled down for anyone who's cravin' to get some/ So when I speak, Lord, I just pray that it bless them/ Serve and refresh them/ Every word is a breadcrumb.
Track Name: One Love
Add this ingredient, watch what the globe becomes/ It's a gift from God and His only son/ If we could all tap into this force like Obi Wan/ People would gather 'round, show me some... LOVE

Talkin' bout LOVE: a word with many meanings/ Like precipitation, got different manifestations every season/ Whether friendship, romantic or brotherly/ It's somethin that close folks and fam give abundantly/ They say that love is patient, they say that love is kind/ They say it knows no bounds, maybe 'cause love is blind to it's limits/ We designed in the image/ Of a divine mind that's inclined to forgiveness/ And I'm fin to give it if you're in my vicinity/ Cure to the problems that we've been trynna remedy/ Yet we dodge love like a flu vaccine/ Tell your fam move back soon as you stack green?... please/ Let's admit that we all need/ Love from above, it's a gift from the Omni...potent/ Hoping to ditch what is faulty/ Switch these dollars for a fistful of palm, please/ Give me a hand y'all, so we could stand tall/ Together instead of watching our fellow man fall/ Like strangers and bystanders/ Shameful – I pray for the raising of my standards/ Like great pandas, love is endangered/ Can't express what's on our hearts – it's stuck in the chamber/ Enough of the games. Time for disrupting the chain, bruh/ I'm callin' on my sisters and brothers to change up

Just add this ingredient, watch what the globe becomes/ It's a gift from God and His only son/ If we could all tap into this force like Obi Wan/ People would gather 'round, show me some... LOVE

One problem... See, today's world is 'bout makin' a name and placing the self first/ No surprise, we afraid of the L word/ It's perceived as threat to our liberty/ Excess stress and the responsibility/ Like, if I can only treat you how to do to me/ And you ain't to-a-tee who I want you to be/ Do it mean that I can reclaim my sentiment?/ It ain't love if it breaks that delicate/ Love is quick to listen. It's slow to speak/ Love is squashing any beef before you go to sleep/ I could tell you daily but if you don't see it shown in deeds/ It's just rhetoric – nothin' but sweet poetry/ Y'see, real love has to come with/ Sacrificial action to back it up with/ Otherwise, it lacks the substance required if we desire for the pact to function/ But we mess up. Homie, we fall short/ And run around up and down like a ball court/ Labouring to make our love live longer/ Wishing these fragile hearts were one bit stronger/ But if you're lookin' for a love that could wrench hearts/ And mend scars, Christ's blood is the benchmark/ The maker of all life givin' it willingly/ Swapped my head for His in the guillotine/ Willing to intervene, lay His own life down/ Filled me sympathy to make my wrongs right now/ Mimic His imagery, vivid and visibly/ Give indiscriminately, haters all pipe down

And so we watch what the globe becomes/ It's a gift from God and His only son/ If we could all tap into this force like Obi Wan/ People would gather 'round, show me some... LOVE.
Track Name: High & Lifted
It's true that the sky's the limit/ I've read and my eyes have witnessed/ How miracles manifest through the lives of misfits/ And surprise the critics, blow the minds of cynics/ Ask my oldest friends if they thought I'd ever be rhymin' lyrics/ Naw, the response negatory/ The odds flipped. It's obvious my God gets the glory/ Check it homie, I ain't qualified at all to rhyme/ It's God's design. I never thought to jot a bar or line 'til I was called to shine/ Light through these gifts. I can't call 'em mine/ Nor could I stall for time/ Nor could I sell 'em out for dollar signs followed by six figures/ My soul is not for sale/ I put my life behind these bars and I don't want no bail/ Still rappin' 'bout the bread you stack? Boy, that's gotten stale/ You gon' wind up another forgotten tale/ I'd rather minister to listeners than top the sales/ And pray to God that He keep me on track like a monorail/ Cap my past – a new era has begun/ I'm daily guided by the Father as I become/ More like the Son/
So you could try to cut me off, but I'm rooted in His word like a tree stump/ It's raw heat, son. Fire from the supplier/ I see my deprivation, desiring my Messiah/ It ain't just desperation, emotionally getting higher/ And ain't no expiration – we never fin to retire/ I'm chasing after Him like never befo'/ In full gear. Man, I ain't fin to pedal and coast/ Don't you take a single sentence as a credible quote/ If you know me but you never seen my evident growth. No sir/ It doesn't constitute a life of faith/ If I slap a Jesus fish on my bumper next to my license plate/ While I'm livin' in hypocrisy/ Thankful though I falter, He always faithful to walk with me/ Honestly, He already knows that I'm weak, incompetent/ Yet He brings forth great feats and accomplishments through me/ But why should I be alarmed with this?/ Even Moses didn't speak with confidence/ Each person on earth is birthed with a purpose to serve/ And you might be a little nervous at first/ But hear me out son, don't slack when the doubt comes/ The Lord's got your back. Just act – He got the outcome.
Track Name: Cloud Nine
I’m crazy bout a girl and that’s the dog gone truth/ Lady is dime. Staying on my mind/ Thoughts play and then rewind like a song on loop/ Of how I wanna serve her in the long-haul... shoot/ Maan, maybe I should tell her/ I’m speechless like a song before I lay the accapella/ It's crazy how a fella could trip so easily/ But still I wonder what this sista sees in me/ She could be the mother of my kids – wait slow down/ It's too early to tell but I know now/ That by God she is designed elegant/ Refined, delicate, sweet, fine, intelligent/ She 'n' I could benefit from givin’ it a try/ I think I’m gonna ask for a minute of her time/ And if I find out she’s as interested as I/ I’ll offer her my love in an infinite supply because

She is so fly and she is so pretty/ Headed for cloud nine, I want her to go with me/ She could make this man complete, but am I chasing after her or just the fantasy?/ Well I don't know, but she's so fly. She is so pretty/ Headed for cloud nine, I want her to go with me/ She could make my plans complete/ But am I chasing after love or just the fantasy?

Excuse me, I know that we ain’t close/ And besides the odd time, we ain’t spoke/ I never been in the game like EA Sports/ But let me run this by you like a relay course/ See, your beauty allures me/ Plus, you be mature. I truly adore thee/ And I ain't singing you no Song of Solomon/ But if I catch feelings, is it wrong to follow 'em? Naw/ See, I think we’ve got them for a reason/ Maybe you could give me a shot, just for a season/ Like a wild moose, if you catch my analogy/ She like that. We could match quite compatibly/ I ask quite casually, “So how about it?”/She smiled real bright like, “No doubt about it”/ Whoa I’m astounded! We meetin' up for coffee/ They say there plenty of fish, but she’s already caught me, man.


Right from the first few dates, it was magical/ Pacin’ was gradual/ Girl’s got class plus the right amount of sass/ Traits that are admirable/ The real thing, no fling like a catapult/ Later on it’s evident we're clinging like the mandibles of gators on some venison... to each other/ We are growing too attached/ And ignoring all the warnings that are showing through the cracks/ Like the fact that we don't see eye-to-eye faith-wise/ And we don't really have no personal connection/ I know I ain't the type to idolize waist lines/ Yet I find I'm fiending for the flirtin' and affection/ And the need to be gratified, dude/ I ain't down to treat a girl like a platter of fine food/ That's just sleazy, bruh/ Studying pick-up lines and goin' nuts with the lust... I call it macadamia/ That's vastly inferior to genuine love/ Our heightened fightin' and distrust are evidence of/ The understanding that we mutually fumbling/ Love's no fantasy but a truly beautiful, dutiful covenant/ We was overdue for the wake-up call/ Ain’t nobody being bitter bout the break-up, y’all/ It’s all in God’s hands, guess I’m back to single/ If love is the air, please crack the window...
Track Name: Against the Grain
I'm against the grain/ Homie, I ain't even got a sense of shame/
I'm against the grain...

They say that practice makes perfect. That’s the way that it goes/ Fans say that my development’s displayed in my flows/ When my brain’s in the zone, I get creative with prose/ Let it stew, then serve it up without a ladle or bowl/ I serve it hot like it’s steamin'. Haters plottin' and they schemin'/ But with me, that beef gets dropped like I’m vegan/ It’s a by-product of my nature of peace/ Even when the situation that I’m facin’ is bleak/ Take it from me, this life’s too short for the stress/ There’s far more important things along the course of the quest/ I guess that every one of us learns that in time/ And once we do, we wish we could turn back – rewind/ ‘Cause we realize that life is quite the gift/ With limitless roads to walk and heights to hit/ You got fights to pick? You can bite your lip/ ‘Cause I’m here to rep peace, love, righteousness/

I got mics to rip, lives of people to touch/ I follow the Holy Spirit, tell my ego to hush/ Never eager to rush my grind / I’m patient through the process/ Building up a repertoire, wading through the nonsense/
Of the trends that’s polluting the market/ Not to mention the minds of the youth that they target/ With lies that kill dreams/ These artists only care that labels turnin' over bread like they frying grilled cheese/ So in return, they promoted to spit what’s supposedly hip/ Puffin L’s, loading a clip/ They leading listeners over the cliff/ So your boy is busy blocking out their shine like a solar eclipse/ Every rapper should earn their right to spit/ It seems both their skulls and they ice is thick/ But what’s the masquerade worth when the lights is flicked... off?/ Instead of floss, rep righteousness/

What treasures would you spend your life to get?/ You cop it cause you need it or to flaunt the price of it?/ Who need a mansion, Maybach, all the gimmicks?/ I’d be glad with a modest pad and Honda Civic/ It could all be gone in minutes – the drop of a hat/ Satisfaction in material – a possible trap/ See, my life is more fragile than a porcelain doll/ So I recognize the Father as the source of it all/ And it’s Him that I sincerely thank/ Instead of begging for a hand-out like I’m Hillary Banks/ I reflect on grace, and express it in this message I project long range like artillery tanks/ If a brother holds green, by which to live, and give, and pay Bills like the Buffalo team/ I’m no billionaire but I’m twice as rich/ In wisdom, faith, and in righteousness/

I'm against the grain/ And homie, I ain't even got a sense of shame/ For the righteousness that flows from this man's core/ Never backin' down from the things that I stand for/ I'm against the grain... (x3)/ And homie, I ain't even got a sense of shame.
Track Name: Testimony
I got low esteem. My family's broken so/ Woe is me. Your man's emotions go/ Southbound, doubts now cloud my thoughts/ Lost count now of how many bouts I've fought/ With social anxiety and depression. I cope with pain quietly/ Self-deception, I'm showin' fake piety, trynna be righteous/ But broken inside of me, the irony's priceless/ I got no clue where I should turn/ Friends don't know, don't share my concern/ Dare I return to the circular chain of the curses and blame, all the hurt and the pain/ Or reverse and refrain from getting' involved?/ Emotionally, I'm feelin' like a medicine ball/ I've taken so many hits, man, I'm ready to fall/ This burden's too heavy to haul. Who can I call?

If there's any way out, let me know/ This pain in my soul is taking its toll/ But, Lord, I know it's for your glory/ I trust you will restore me/ So I smile all the while/ You turn trials into testimonies

It's hard to forgive and pardon a sin/ Funny how the same flaws are harbored within myself as the souls that I often condemn/ I just keep 'em caged in like a dog in a pen/ 'Cause I long to defend my pride and integrity/ Eyes made blind to my lies and my jealousy/ Through Christ's eyes, now I'm seeing much clearer/ Reflecting on my past like I'm staring in a mirror/ So many times I wasn't keepin' the faith/ I betrayed trust, made such frequent mistakes/ But if I wanna be treated with grace/ I've got an abundance of the ugliest grudges that I need to replace/ With true love and forgiveness/ Done with the sickness inflictin' my soul and the ones that I live with/ This just a snippet/ I ain't nothing special, homie/ This just my testimony so that y'all could get to know me


Now, usually I'm not easily depressed/ But, recently, the stress got me sleepin' needin' rest/ For my soul, body, and mind/ Hard to wholeheartedly climb/ Knowing that my goal's hardly defined/ It's like, Father God, could you remind me of the plan again?/ Feels like I'm at a standstill like a mannequin/ In a department store/ The pressure's rising. I don't know how much my heart could store/ It's startin' to pour and I'm standin' here with no umbrella/ Simply calling out your name 'cause theirs no one better/ That I could turn to but you at times like these/ No finite means is ever gon' supply my needs/ But I know that you're near, Lord. No use in fear/ Hold hope through despair – nevermind I'm weak/ In the midst of battle, I'll find peace/ Armed with this double-edged sword that's inside my sheath.
Track Name: Good Gracious
This world could be a dangerous place/ When you're blinded to the line between the angels and snakes/ Plus everyday, we're raising the stakes/ As our time shortens. Am I marchin' with the saints of the faith?/ When they enter into heaven, steady steppin' through the streets of gold?/ Or am I rejected as a wretched and deceitful soul?/
What will be my spirit’s destination?/ Eternal Life or everlasting fear and deprivation?/ Everyday, we near the separation of soul from the flesh/ I’ve got the clearest revelation of hope and I’m blessed/ To know God ‘cause there’s no better love/ It don’t never budge/ Though Lord knows that I don’t measure up, He readily forgives/ If I had to earn His favour, I could never be His kid/ I would never be adopted, mentally a hostage/ To enemies with weaponry that’s cleverly concocted/ To meddle with my conscience, lead me astray/ The well-paved path seems the easiest way/ But it leads to corruption, greed, and destruction/ So I thank God I’m redeemed from His judgment/ I need and I trust Him to sweep in the dust bin/ Trash from my past that has been an obstruction/ Sweet Jesus! I’ve tasted a great thing/ Gratefully state that His grace is amazing

I was lost, but now I'm found (x3)
I was lost. Praise God I'm found

And if my soul is the place of His settlement/ Old strongholds must break for my betterment/ Faith is irrelevant... if I don't show grace and benevolence for neighbours and brethren/ Plagued with my arrogant selfish obsession/ Chasing for treasures in wealth and possessions/ Changed my direction then dwelt in His presence/ Now faith should be evident – vessel of blessings/ God said go lead by example/ Spread my love, plants seeds by the handful/ Yeah, and I accept my role/ Every mic I hold, I'll treat like a candle/ And shine light with this tongue of flames/ It’s a lifelong fight for the righteous and unashamed/ And I’ma go twelve boxing rounds/ Still grateful for grace, I am lost and found.

I was lost, but now I'm found (x3)
I was lost. Praise God I'm found.
Track Name: End of the Trail
Eyo, I've come a ways since my younger days majorly/ Grateful for new freedom like a runaway slave would be/ Faithfully, God's been aiding me. I'm candidly confessin'/ That lately, I've been facing grief and family's been stressin'/ But your man has been elected by the Creator/ To embody the essence of His blessed presence as a peacemaker/ And seed-layer in my turf's dirt soil/ To reap favour, patience, and grace amidst the turmoil/ How could I sleep on the Word that opened my eyelids?/ Born of both heaven and earth, call me a hybrid/ Vehicle for miracles, homie. Check the mileage/ Got a new lease on life and Christ signed it/ That's my kind of offer/ Most cannot conceive it like spiritually they had their tubes tied by a doctor/ They deny the father like Luke Skywalker/ Inevitably begging the question of why bother?/ To say prayers or to care about scripture/ It all seems a fantasy like Paramount Pictures/ Plus, the Church hypocrisy is really a pity/ Pastors putting on a performance like Milli Vanilli, it's silly/ They often misguide. I'm not gonna lie/ The real Jesus ain't a thing like who they popularize/ If He kneeled in the sand and started drawin' a line/ Them hypocrites would all be standin' on the opposite side/ Their god is their pride. So who or what's yours?/ What guides you? Defines you? What do you lust for?/ And is your life worth the treasure that you'd die to accumulate?/ When every star turns dust, mine still illuminates/ This is for my friends and my internet fam/ Who's chasing life's meaning like the gingerbread man/ And can't catch it/ Ran reckless til I stopped runnin' at the sudden sight of the sun(Son)/ Now stand breathless.

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